Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Long Long Time Didn't Update!

Wow, mummy had not update the blog for almost 6 mths!!! That's really long! The blog is official dead for 6 mths! Haha. Well, can understand that Mummy is really busy ever since Didi is born. Let's give some updates of Didi first.

Didi (Ling Jing Kai, Kaiser) was born on 17th April 2011, weighing 5.435kg! Didi was a huge baby! Almost 1kg heavier than Janelle's birth weight! Really can't imagine how Mummy carried Didi during her last 2 weeks of pregnancy! Haha. Anyway, Didi was really very chubby when he was born. He looks like a small sumo wrestler! Haha. You can see from the photos that are posted here.

During these few months, Janelle had been adapting well with Didi. Just that Mummy & Daddy always felt that Janelle tends to be too rough when stroking Didi etc. Other than that, Janelle reacted quite well. Janelle is really a good Jie Jie as when relatives or friends said want to bring Didi go home, Janelle will say "NO/CANNOT" immediately.

Wow, Mummy suddenly remembered that Janelle is already 28 months+ old and Didi is 3months+ old too! Janelle & Didi had grew up so fast! And Janelle had really benefited and learned alot from school. Janelle met all the milestones for her age!

Last month, Mummy attended Parents Meeting Session. Teachers & Principal mentioned that Janelle's academic is good. Just that even since from June onwards, Janelle doesn't sit down and listen to teachers as compared wth last time. Thus, teachers felt that the main reason might be Janelle is trying to seek attention etc even since Didi was born. Principal suggested to Mummy that Janelle should start attending full day school instead of half day as they can try to correct Janelle on her behaviour etc. Mummy also felt that it's good for Janelle to attend full day. Thus, from next week onwards, Janelle will attend full day child care.

Mummy said she will try to update this blog as much as possible in order not to let it died! Let's hope that Mummy can fullfill it!!! Shall blog again when free!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

23 Months Old!

Serene Yi Yi asked Mummy how come recently there's no updates on Janelle's Blog! Mummye mentioned that she was really very tired and no time for her to do that! Mummy is now 35 wks preg with 2nd Baby! The arrival of this little bundle of joy will be coming soon! The EDD is on 16th April 2011, but gynae mentioned that Mummy will give birth earlier. Thus, Mummy is expecting baby will be born somewhere end of March of Beginning of April! This means that Janelle will be a Jie Jie in another 2-3 weeks time. By the way, Mummy is expecting a Didi! Janelle will have a Didi to play!

Daddy is not around since last Thursday! Daddy is away in Bangkok for 1 week! Daddy's coming back on this Thursday midnight! Mummy will be fetching Daddy back from the airport! For the past 2 weeks, Mummy had been busy preparing for Janelle's 2nd Birthday Celebration. This time round, Mummy & Daddy decided to just have a simple celebration at Zee Juniors follow by just a simple dinner with Daddy & Mummy after school. Mummy had prepared 50 goodies bag for all the kids in the school. Mummy had also ordered a Barney cake from Prima Deli. Mummy hoped that Janelle will be happy to see her Barney cake on her birthday as that's her favourite cartoon character! Mummy need to be busy with work, shall update more info about Janelle's 2nd Birthday and arrival of Didi soon!

Friday, February 18, 2011

22 Months Old!

OMG! Mummy is really late in posting for Janelle's updates! The reason is Mummy is expecting for Didi in less than 2 months time. So Mummy is so busy preparing for Didi's arrival like washing of Didi's clothes, packing of hospital bag and preparing for CNY!

Janelle had been very grouchy recently. Everyday will cry for Mummy and once Mummy reached Ah Ma's house, Janelle will ask Mummy to go home. Ah Ma commented that Janelle is "fighting" with Didi over Mummy. Ah Ma even said that this will only stop after Didi's arrival! Mummy wanna faint after hearing that! But Mummy still got no choice, got to be patient towards Janelle as Mummy don't want Janelle to feel that Mummy don't love her anymore!

For academic side, Mummy felt that Janelle had learnt alot in sch! Janelle knew a lot of phonics, numbers etc. Even teachers were commenting that Janelle's a fast learner! Mummy hoped that Janelle will continue to learn more in sch.

By the way, tomorrow is Sharon Yi Yi's Big Day! Janelle will be involved in the first march in! Janelle will be marching in with Kee Leong Kor Kor. Everyone hoped that Janelle will be co-operative during the march-in!

Monday, December 27, 2010

21 Months Old Cum Christmas Celebration!

Some updates about Janelle's milestones! Janelle knows how to count 1 to 10 (Except 7), say "A for Apple", "B for Ball, "C for Cat", "D for Dog", "E for Elephant", "U for Umbrella", "Q for Queen", "V for Volin" etc. Mummy told teacher that Janelle can't pronounced "Seven" and Miss Noor commented that Janelle is only 21 months old! At the stage that she's learning, Janelle had already hit all her milestones! Mummy felt that Janelle tends to have problem pronoucing 2 syllabus words! But at least Mummy felt that Janelle talks alot and knows alot of words etc! Mummy know that Janelle is progressing quite well but hope that Janelle will be good in her academic works too! But for now, Mummy is not going to put too much pressure on Janelle's academic works. Maybe when Janelle reached Nursery 1, it's time that Mummy will put some pressure on Janelle!

2nd Christmas for Janelle! This time round, Janelle knows what is Christmas as compared to 1 year ago! Hehe. Janelle performed christmas caroling at Zee Juniors! Mummy & Daddy attended the christmas party and was very happy to see that Janelle danced along with the christmas songs! Even Sharon Yi Yi commented that Janelle performed well on the actual day as compared to rehersal! Mummy was thinking of whether to enrol Janelle from dancing class since Janelle likes to dance so much! Mummy mentioned that she will do some research on it. The christmas party at Zee Juniors was quite successful as all the children performed a good chrismas caroling and fashion show! Kudos to all the teachers for the hard works and efforts that you gals had put in to make the party such a success! Mummy & Daddy had received a christmas card from Janelle by post! Mummy was very surprised when Mummy saw the card. Janelle must had done it in school and the teachers posted it out for her. So sweet, cute and creative of the teachers!

Christmas eve was spent at home with Mummy, Daddy, Uncle Ross, Tiffanie Jie Jie, Uncle Kerk and Xin Min Jie Jie. We had a small party at home. All foods were packed from Bedok Point and Bedok Hawker Centre! Janelle was very happy this christmas as Janelle gets to open up the presents and most important, Janelle loved all the presents! Janelle was so happy and excited that Janelle fell asleep only at about 11pm+. Mummy tried coaching Janelle to bed abt 9pm+ but Janelle just don't wish to sleep as she was too happy with so many people at home. Thus Mummy decided to let Janelle play a while longer since it's such a happy occassion!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

20 Months Old!

Wow, Wow, Janelle turned 20 months old! Janelle had attended school for about 2 months. Mummy felt that Janelle learning to know more words etc. Everyday, Janelle will ask Mummy to show her "fruits" flashcards whenever she saw Mummy's phone. Janelle can say alot more words like fruits, apple, car, lorry, train, van, plane, cabbage, red, purple etc and alot more other words. Whenever anybody passed her food or things, Janelle will say 谢谢 too! Janelle saw motorcycle will said 爸爸, saw lorry and taxi will say 公公 and saw car will say 舅舅 or 妈妈! Even Teacher Noor was telling Mummy that Janelle seems to talk more than babbling! Mummy and Daddy felt so happy as this proved that their $$$ didn't go down into the drain! As Janelle really learned from the school. Although Janelle attend half day school everyday, Mummy still can see her improvement. Mummy hoped that Janelle will learn even more things from school!

Naughty Mummy hasn't been helping Janelle to take photos recently. Mummy just realised that Janelle's 19 months old photos is less than 5 pieces! OMG! Mummy is not working hard enough! Mummy 加油! Must take more photos of Janelle!

Friday, October 22, 2010

19 Months Old!

Janelle turned 19 months today! Mummy felt that Janelle still a bit slow with her speech. but overall, Janelle is considered not bad as she can understand what people talk to her about etc. And Janelle doesn't tell lies! Yesterday Yi Yi asked Janelle whether did she pull any of her classmates hair, she said no! True enough, Mummy checked out with the teacher this morning. Teacher mentioned that Janelle tried to pull one boy hair but unsucessful as the boy is bald! Haha. That's why Janelle told Yi Yi that she didn't pull anyone hair yesterday.

Janelle also seemed to be affected by the haze. This week had been so hazy till yesterday PSI reached 108! Ah Ma told Mummy that Janelle seemed to be having slight fever. When Mummy reached Ah Ma's hse, Mummy took Janelle temperature. And the reading was 37.8 degree. Mummy quickly fed Janelle with some fever medicine. And this morning, Janelle doesn't have any slight fever. But Mummy seemed to heard that Janelle had blocked nose and a bit of cough. It's all due to the haze. Let's just hope the haze will go away in another few days time.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A big Bully in School!

Mummy was quite happy as Janelle considered had settled down quite fast in school! For the first week, Janelle cried when Mummy handed her over to the teachers. Mummy felt so heartpain about that. But after coaxing from teachers etc, Janelle actually stopped crying in less than 15 mins time! Mummy was quite happy as Janelle doesn't cry throughout non-stop in school.

To Mummy's surprise, on the 2nd week, when Mummy handed Janelle over to the teacher, Janelle didn't cry. But Mummy tried not to say bye bye to Janelle as scared Janelle will start crying when Mummy said that "magic word".

On the 3rd week, Janelle said bye bye to Mummy when teacher carried her. Mummy was so happy that Janelle took only 2wks+ to settle down in sch! And even during the first 2wk, Janelle still considered good as Janelle only cried for a while and joined in the rest during the lesson.

Janelle's favourite teacher seems to be Teacher Huixian! As that was an incident which Mummy's witnessed herself. While dropping Janelle off in school 1 day, Teacher Huixian called Janelle when Janelle was still in the car waiting for Mummy to unbuckle her from the car seat! Janelle was so happy that she pointed at Teacher Huixian and wavedto her and make some noise! Mummy called Sharon Yi Yi and asked Sharon Yi Yi. And true enough, Teacher Huixian is Janelle favourite teacher as she get "bully" by Janelle easily. Whenever Janelle cried and want someone to carry her, Janelle will run to Teacher Huixian and she will carry Janelle immediately!

And do you know wat? Towards the end of week 3, Janelle started to be a bully. Pushed and poked 1 kid away as that kid blocked her view, pulled 1 kid's hair and shirt etc. OMG! Mummy is scratching her head as Janelle started to show her "fox" tail!

This week, for the past 2 days, Janelle had been pulling the same girl's hair! And even using both hairs to do that! Mummy felt paiseh about it as Janelle broke the record in Zee Juniors! Sharon Yi Yi mentioned that the kids there don't fight, pulled hair etc. Janelle is the 1st to do that! These few days, whenever Mummy and Daddy fetched Janelle home, Mummy and Daddy will talk with Janelle that she shouldn't do that etc. And Janelle said yes but the next day, she did it again. Mummy really don't know when Janelle will stop pulling other kid's hairs. Hope it's just these few days and Janelle will stop it and understand what we had told her these few days!